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BIB 101: Introduction to the Bible

BIB 101: Introduction to the Bible


Monday, September 9

5:30-10 p.m. at Our Lady of the Lake

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Class Description

Many of us aren’t as familiar with the Bible as we’d like to be (or we know that we should be). We hear it read in Mass, and we remember some of the more famous passages and stories, but we aren’t comfortable finding our way around the book, and we aren’t sure we could explain its major themes. This one-night workshop will clearly explain how the Bible is organized, its main structure and themes, and how to read it for personal growth, study, and evangelization.

Tuition for this LANE Lab includes a working dinner and materials. BIB 101 is ideal for those who want to strengthen their foundation in the scriptures as well as those who are preparing for BIB 201: Old Testament Survey, which is being offered in the fall, and BIB 202: New Testament Survey, which is being offered in spring 2020.

I’ve been a lifelong Catholic but must admit I really had little deep understanding of the Old Testament. These classes have been an eye-opening experience and Greg brings it all to life—excellent instructor.
— BIB 101 Student


  1. The Big Story: The overall narrative and purpose of the Bible that ties it all together

  2. Navigating the Book: How the Bible is organized and how to find your way around it

  3. The Word of the Lord: How, exactly, the Bible is God’s word, and what that means

We were so pleased with Greg’s presentation. This man has such knowledge of the scriptures, and we are impressed. Greg is friendly and likable, and always willing to take a question.
— BIB 101 Student

Instructor: Greg Smith

Greg is a dynamic teacher, prolific writer, and experienced leader who serves as the Director of Ministry Strategy at Our Lady of the Lake Parish in Holland, MI. He brings a unique perspective as a former Protestant minister and adult convert to Catholicism. Greg attended the University of Colorado in Boulder, Calvin Theological Seminary, and UCLA.

Catechist Certification Credits

0.75 CEU or 4.5 DFH in Professional Theology

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