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BIB 201: Old Testament Survey

BIB 201: Old Testament Survey


Wednesdays from September 18 to October 30

6:30-8 p.m. at Our Lady of the Lake

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Class Description

Why should we be familiar with the Old Testament? In order to know and understand Jesus Christ and his Church. In his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said he had not come to abolish the Old Testament, but to fulfill it. After his Resurrection, on the road to Emmaus, he explained to the disciples that the Old Testament was really about the Christ. This seven-week class will give an overview of the Old Testament story and themes, connecting them to the New Testament, the Church, and Catholic life today.

Students will benefit from having taken BIB 101: Introduction to the Bible, which is being offered on September 9, before taking this course, but this is not required. BIB 201 is excellent preparation for BIB 202: New Testament Survey, which will be offered in the spring.

I have very much enjoyed learning more about the Old Testament. Greg does a very good job of keeping the class entertaining while also showing how the stories of the Old Testament are pertinent in today’s world.
— BIB 201 Student


  1. Paradise Lost: Creation and Fall (Genesis 1-11)

  2. Call and Covenant: The Patriarchs (Genesis 12-50)

  3. A Holy Nation, a Kingdom of Priests: Exodus and Formation (Exodus-Deuteronomy)

  4. No King in the Land: Crisis and Rescue (Joshua-Judges)

  5. A Nation Divided (1 Samuel-2 Kings)

  6. Prophets and Poets: The Word of the Lord (Psalms-Lamentations)

  7. A New Hope: Restoration and Promise (Baruch-Malachi)

Greg, you are an amazing teacher! You are passionate, knowledgeable, engaging, and relevant. Thank you!
— BIB 201 Student

Instructor: Greg Smith

Greg is a dynamic teacher, prolific writer, and experienced leader who serves as the Director of Ministry Strategy at Our Lady of the Lake Parish in Holland, MI. He brings a unique perspective as a former Protestant minister and adult convert to Catholicism. Greg attended the University of Colorado in Boulder, Calvin Theological Seminary, and UCLA.

Catechist Certification Credits

1.5 CEU or 7 DFH in Professional Theology

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