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DOC 301: Catholic Identity

DOC 301: Catholic Identity


Mondays from September 16 to October 28

6:30-8 p.m. at Our Lady of the Lake

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Class Description

The Catechism of the Catholic Church tells us that we come to know God through the transcendent qualities of truth, goodness, and beauty. From its beginning, the Roman Catholic Church has been on a unique quest to know and serve Christ through these three transcendentals. At times it has stumbled, wandered, or become distracted in its journey, but our Lord and Lady have always called us back to pursue the true, the good, and the beautiful. This seven-week class will use these themes to explore what makes Roman Catholicism unique, not only among world religions, but also among Christian denominations. It will encourage us to find our identity in this heritage and quest, and it will equip us to explain and defend it in a culture that is increasingly hostile to these foundational principles.

DOC 301 may be taken on its own or as a way to prepare for the LANE pilgrimage to Rome, Assisi, and Florence in November 2019.

I really enjoyed the class. I never would have thought about how much I didn’t know about my own faith. Thank you!
— A LANE Student


  1. What makes the Roman Catholic Church unique among Christian traditions?

  2. What is truth? How does the Catholic Church answer that question?

  3. How does the Church share and defend the truth in a deceitful world?

  4. What is goodness? How does the Catholic Church answer that question?

  5. How can we do and be good in a broken, wicked world?

  6. What is beauty? How does the Catholic Church answer that question?

  7. How does the Church call us toward beauty in a world disfigured by sin?

I will take any class he teaches. It is not just that you learn; I felt like I experienced the time period.
— A LANE Student on Greg Smith

Instructor: Greg Smith

Greg is a dynamic teacher, prolific writer, and experienced leader who serves as the Director of Ministry Strategy at Our Lady of the Lake Parish in Holland, MI. He brings a unique perspective as a former Protestant minister and adult convert to Catholicism. Greg attended the University of Colorado in Boulder, Calvin Theological Seminary, and UCLA.

Catechist Certification Credits

1.5 CEU or 7 DFH in Professional Theology

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