Lakeshore Academy for the New Evangelization
Make Disciples, Be Witnesses


Jesus is calling us to make disciples and to be his witnesses on the Lakeshore, in West Michigan, and to the ends of the earth. Lakeshore Academy for the New Evangelization (LANE) is a school of adult discipleship that proclaims the Gospel to all people and empowers our regional Catholic community to live out Christ’s mission.

LANE brings the Gospel to those who have never heard it and propose it anew to those who are striving to reinvigorate their faith. We must know God and his commandments if we are to love and serve him, so LANE focuses on bringing the Word of God to the people through engaging classes, seminars, and experiences.

LANE classes unpack the treasures of Sacred Scripture and Tradition, making them comprehensible, accessible, and shareable in the twenty-first century. Classes focus on five major themes of the Catholic faith: Bible, Doctrine, Prayer and Liturgy, Social Teaching, and Pilgrimage. These are derived from the two greatest commandments: to love the Lord our God and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

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The Themes of LANE

Bible Shield Icon.png


The Sacred Scriptures reveal the Word of God to us. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the apostles, prophets, and others wrote down the message of salvation so Christians throughout the ages would know the truth of the Gospel. LANE Bible classes equip participants to read the Scriptures with understanding and apply them to their lives today. From overviews of the whole Bible to in-depth studies of the Old and New Testaments, we will learn to love the written Word that points us to our Lord.

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In addition to the Bible, we also receive the Word of God through the Sacred Tradition of the Catholic Church. The apostles preached what they had heard from Jesus and established the Church’s institutions to guard the deposit of faith under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. LANE Doctrine classes help participants make sense of the vast treasury of the Church’s teachings. From summaries of our faith like the Creed and Catechism to specific points of theology, we will grow in knowledge and love of Christ and his Church.

Prayer and Liturgy

Christians continually seek a deeper personal relationship with God through prayer. Individually through private contemplation and communally through the liturgy, Catholics align themselves with the will of God and humbly bring their petitions before him. LANE Prayer and Liturgy classes introduce the most common prayers of the Church and enrich each believer’s prayer life. From the Rosary to the seven sacraments, we will draw ever closer to God, receive his grace, listen to his voice, and strive to obey his commandments.

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Social Teaching

God has always called his people to love their neighbors and to live with righteousness and compassion. Catholics follow Christ in loving and protecting all human life from conception to natural death, with a special emphasis on the poor and vulnerable. LANE Social Teaching classes spell out the way we are to live in our families, parishes, community, nation, and world. With attention to the words of Jesus and the Church’s rich tradition of social teaching, we will put our faith into action and help build a just society.

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The Letter to the Hebrews says that Christians are “strangers and aliens on earth,” pilgrims seeking our heavenly homeland. From the beginning, Catholics have lived out this pilgrim spirit by deliberately seeking experiences that help them encounter Christ and grow in holiness. LANE Pilgrimage classes give participants the opportunity to go on pilgrimage locally, domestically, and internationally. From pilgrimages to Italy and Haiti to experiences and retreats right here on the Lakeshore, we will walk with our Lord on a journey of faith.


From the Lakeshore to the Ends of the Earth

LANE is rooted on the Lakeshore and in West Michigan. Classes and speakers are hosted at Our Lady of the Lake Parish in Holland, and students are welcomed from throughout the region. Please contact Carla Niziolek or Cory Lakatos with your questions.

Carla Niziolek: 616-399-1062 ext.114,

Cory Lakatos: 616-399-1062 ext. 110,