Good News

The Gospel

What Not to Miss

  • This is the high point of the Liturgy of the Word: the reading of the teachings and actions of Jesus, containing his own words, from one of the four Gospels.
  • We got on our feet for the Alleluia, and we will remain standing throughout the Gospel reading to show our reverence for the words of Jesus. Incense may also be used to honor the Word of God.
  • "Gospel" means "good news" and refers to Jesus' proclamation of the Kingdom of Heaven. Sts. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, known as the Evangelists, wrote their accounts of the good news of Jesus in the early years of the Church.
  • The Sunday readings, including the Gospel, are on a three-year cycle. Each year mostly draws from one of the three synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke), which tell a similar story of Jesus' ministry. The Gospel of John is read at particular parts of the liturgical year, especially Lent and Easter.
    The weekday Gospel readings do not follow the two-year weekday cycle, but are always the same. As we said before, if this seems complicated to you, don't worry about it. Just pay attention to the what the Lord is saying to you in today's Gospel reading.

Next Time You Go to Mass...

  • Read the Gospel before coming the Mass. Help your children engage with it, too.
  • Listening quietly might not seem like "active participation," but it is! We must be open to receiving the spoken Word of God, and that doesn't happen by accident.
  • Pay close attention to the Gospel and ask Jesus to speak to you directly. Ask him to speak to everyone at Mass.
  • What stuck out to you in the Gospel? How can you apply that to your life?
  • Reflect on the graces God has given you through the Gospel and praise him for these gifts.

Grant, O Lord, that we may begin with holy fasting this campaign of Christian service, so that, as we take up battle against spiritual evils, we may be armed with weapons of self-restraint.

This collect prayer begins the Mass for Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. Jesus is calling us to "take up battle against spiritual evils." We'll explore fasting itself in a few weeks; during the week of Ash Wednesday, we're going to dig into an important set of weapons the Lord gives us to fight evil: sacramentals.

What's a sacramental? Well, if you attend Mass on Ash Wednesday, you're probably going to receive one on your forehead.