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Spiritual Peace

Through his Death and Resurrection, Jesus defeated sin, death, and the power of the Devil. With our spiritual foes vanquished, we can now enter into God’s peace. Indeed, the Risen Christ’s first words to his apostles were “Peace be with you.” During the Easter season, we have the opportunity to experience spiritual peace more fully. Each week, we will contemplate a different aspect of Christ’s peace.
  • Octave of Easter: Peace With Death
  • Week of Divine Mercy Sunday: Peace With God
  • Third Week of Easter: Peace in Your Heart 
  • Fourth Week of Easter: Peace With Others
  • Fifth Week of Easter: Peace With Creation
  • Sixth Week of Easter: Peace in the Church
  • Week After Ascension: Peace in the Kingdom
  • Week After Pentecost: Peace On Earth

LANE Families

LENT 2024

Spiritual Warfare

The Christian life is a battle against the world, the flesh, and the Devil. Lent is a time especially set aside for this combat. Each week during Lent, we will train with one of the weapons that God has given us to fight the good fight of the faith. This training will help us resist temptation so we can grow in holiness and be ready to participate in Christ’s victory over Satan on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
  • Week of Ash Wednesday: Sacramentals
  • First Week of Lent: Prayer
  • Second Week of Lent: Penance
  • Third Week of Lent: Works of Mercy
  • Fourth Week of Lent: Confession
  • Fifth Week of Lent: The Eucharist
  • Holy Week: The Cross