Letters from a Saint

A Path of Practical Holiness

In France, around 1600, St. Francis de Sales wrote a series of letters to a young woman counseling her on practicing her Catholic faith amidst the distractions and temptations of daily life. These letters became the timeless spiritual classic, Introduction to the Devout Life.

Participants in this course will explore St. Francis' insights on transforming everyday experiences into opportunities for spiritual growth and learning to navigate life's challenges with grace, virtue, and devout intention. Each session in this course illuminates a different facet of the devout life, from the foundational principles of prayer and repentance to the art of cultivating virtue and the strength to withstand temptation. This course is a practical guide for anyone aspiring to deepen their spiritual life.

Greg Smith

For four decades, Greg Smith, M.Div., has taught and traveled, written and led throughout the Christian world, over thirty of those as a Protestant. After a decade-long “Road to Rome” journey, Greg and his wife “crossed the Tiber” and joined the Roman Catholic Church in 2016. With his eclectic background, he brings a global perspective on the historic Christian faith. Currently, Greg serves as the Director of Ministries at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, Dean of the Lakeshore Academy for the New Evangelization, and is the host of the Considering Catholicism podcast.