One Whirling Adventure Season 1: A Year of Catholic People, Places, and Things

Dozens of webinars will take you on a journey through time and space, zigging and zagging through twenty centuries, twenty-four time zones, and two hemispheres to survey the vastness of the Catholic Church as it has twisted and twirled to face every challenge that has arisen, preserving the faith that was once and for all given to the saints. Join Greg Smith, the Dean of LANE, for twenty-four exciting episodes of Catholic people, places, and things.

Greg Smith

For four decades, Greg has taught and traveled, written and led throughout the Christian world, over thirty of those as a Protestant. After a decade-long “Road to Rome” journey, Greg and his wife “crossed the Tiber” and joined the Roman Catholic Church in 2016. With his eclectic background, he brings a global perspective on the historic Christian faith. Currently, Greg serves as the Director of Ministries at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, teaches at the Lakeshore Academy for the New Evangelization, and is the founder of One Whirling Adventure.