Perspectives on Priestly Vocations

A LANE Seminar Series

All Catholics know that priestly vocations are important for the future flourishing of the Church, but how well do we understand these vocations? In this seminar series, we’ll hear a variety of perspectives on contemporary priestly vocations. Along the way, we’ll learn more about the next generation of men answering God’s call and how they’re being formed for ministry in the twenty-first century.

A Vocation Director's Perspective

Fr. Stephen Durkee of the Diocese of Grand Rapids discussed what he does at the Office of Priestly Vocations, what he’s looking for in potential seminarians, and how he recruits men for the priesthood.

A Seminary Rector's Perspective

Fr. John Kartje of Mundelein Seminary gave a lecture on the vocational discernment process and how Mundelein educates men to be priests.

A Newly Ordained Priest's Perspective

Fr. Noah Thelen of St. Francis de Sales Parish discussed his experience of seminary and ordination and what it’s like to become and serve as a priest amidst today’s opportunities and challenges.

A Retired Priest's Perspective

Fr. Steven Cron, a senior priest of the Diocese of Grand Rapids, discussed the continuity and change he has witnessed over his years of serving the Church as a priest.